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In this case we will suppose a healthcare center with several doctor offices, each one with its own waiting room, and common spaces as the hall, the corridors, etc.:

The project requirements are:

  • Background music in common zones and waiting rooms.
  • Vocal messages can be sent from admissions desk to selected zones.
  • Each doctor can send vocal messages to call patients to his waiting room.

The solution for this project could be the following:


In the technical room, we install a computer with the software for background music generation and devices control[1].

Also, a SIP PBX is needed. Most probably it exists as part of the internal telephone system of the center. If not, it can be installed as the software[2] running in the same computer, or a dedicated hardware.

From the software, several background music channels are generated for the different zones.

All the ENA receivers are configured to be registered in the PBX as a telephone extension. Also, in the PBX groups of extensions can be configured to make simultaneous calls (i.e. paging to a zone).

When a doctor wants to call the next patient to enter the office, he just picks up the phone and calls the extension corresponding to his waiting room. Then the audio sent from the phone is decoded and played by the E415 in the room

In the same way, from the admissions desk, they can pick up the phone and call to a specific extension or a group to send messages that will be decoded and played in each decoder.


[1] Our ENALite application can be used for this purpose.

[2] There are many software PBXs in the market, being one of the most commonly used open source and free (Asterisk).