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Let’s suppose we have to deploy an audio over IP solution for a hotel with these requirements:

  • Distribution of emergency messages to all hotel zones.
  • Distribution of ambient music to all the hotel zones, including rooms, with possibility to select different music in each zone.
  • Guests will be able to control the ambient music in its room, selecting it from a variety of proposed stations.
  • In the restaurant the audio system may be used for the live music played in events.
  • In the conference room the audio system may be used for the local microphones.

This is the schema of the proposed solution:


More description of areas (reception desk, conference room, restaurant, rooms, halls)...


Reception desk:

In the reception desk, there is a PTT microphone connected to an E421 used for the emergency messages to be sent to all the building. The E421 is configured to send a multicast RTP audio stream when the ‘Talk’ button of the microphone is pushed. This RTP stream would be received by all the decoders in their EM layer channel and, as it has the maximum priority, will be decoded and played over any other audio they were playing.

Here we have also a computer running the management software with these characteristics[1] :

  • Generates several ICEcast streams, based on local files, for the BGM channels. 
  • Communicates with the App running in the guest’s smartphones to grant or deny permissions and to control the decoders in the rooms for the music selection.
  • Sends pre-recorded or live messages to specific zones using the AD channels.
  • Keeps control of the status of all the devices in the network.


In each room, there is an E415 decoder connected to the loudspeaker(s) in the ceiling.

These decoders have the EM channel configured to decode the multicast RTP stream generated by the E421 encoder in the reception desk for emergency and evacuation messages.

The 6 BGM channels are configured to decode the ICEcast streams served by the management software.

The selection of the channel to be decoded and the output volume is made through a mobile application that guests can download[2].

Hall and corridors:

An E411 decoder is connected to an external amplifier connected to all the speakers needed to cover all the space in each zone.

If the power of the E415 internal amplifier is enough, it can be used instead of the E411 and the external amplifier.

In these zones, as in all the decoders, the EM channel is configured to decode the multicast RTP stream generated by the E421 encoder in the reception desktop.

In specific zones, the AD channels are configured to decode the RTP streams generated by the management application. This can be used for people localization, announcements to tourists groups about buses departures, etc.

Restaurant and conference room:

Both zones need an E417 mixer because it is able to use the local analog audio inputs.

The analog input is connected to a local audio mixer which adapts and mixes all signals coming from the microphones, instruments, etc. to be amplified locally.

This signal is used as one of the BGM channels, which can be activated when needed.

If no local audio is to be played, the other BGM channels are used to play ambient music sent from the management software as ICEcast streams or to play files stored in an USB memory.

[1] Management application can be as complex as needed. We show here only a few possibilities for this example. EQUITEL provides by free all the information and support needed to create this applications and also can create them based on specific requirements.

[2] As with the management software, EQUITEL will provide support to create this kind of applications or can create them for a specific project. EQUITEL provides by free a basic application but, for most cases, it will be a better solution to create a specific one for each project.