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In this example, we will imagine a brand with stores spread all over the country, or even over the world, that want to  control the ambient music and advertisements being played in all the shops.

The schema of the proposed solution is this:


In this example, the audio distribution is based on the use of an ICECast server provided by any of the numerous ISP that offer this service[1].

In the central, one or more ICEcast source streams are generated by software and / or using E421 encoders. These streams are sent to the ICEcast server that sent them to all the decoders (i.e. stores).

For instance, you can generate different streams with different music styles and mixed advertisements for different types of store, zones, countries, etc.

For small shops E415 can be used, if the output power of its internal amplifier is enough.

For lager shops, the E411 and an external amplifier is the solution.

In both cases, the decoder is configured to play one or more of the ICEcast streams. The selection of the actual stream to play and the output volume can be made with a mobile application.

In very simple cases, where only a stream is decoded in each shop, you can use the E411 and an external amplifier and the volume control is done with the amplifier knob.

[1] ISPs (Internet Services Providers) offer ICEcast streaming at different costs, depending on the number of receivers, audio quality and timetable required. On the other hand, many of the providers that offer this service, also include a software (usually by free) to create the audio stream from audio files uploaded to the server.